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W. Kohlhammer Verlag GmbH, or Kohlhammer Verlag, is a German publishing house headquartered in Stuttgart. In addition to publishing, the company is also involved with electronic communications and media, data storage, and printing. It is managed cooperatively by its management.

W. Kohlhammer Verlag GmbH
Kohlhammer Logo offcial.jpg
Founded30 April 1866
FounderWilhelm Kohlhammer [de]
Country of origin Germany
Headquarters locationStuttgart
Key peopleLeopold Freiherr von und zu Weiler[1]
Revenue64.1 million Euros[2]
No. of employees328
Official websitewww.kohlhammer.de


Kohlhammer Verlag was founded in Stuttgart on 30 April 1866 by Wilhelm Kohlhammer [de]. Kohlhammer had taken over the businesses of his late father-in-law, a 120-year-old printer and a profitable bathhouse [de]. The printing business, operating out of the back of a commercial building at 14 Urbanstrasse, became W. Kohlhammer Verlag and was funded by proceeds from the bathhouse until it was closed in 1890.

Urban paperbacksEdit

Kohlhammer Verlag's science program is formed by its Urban paperbacks [de], a well-known series in Germany whose topics include history, psychology, education, theology, and philosophy. Urban was founded in 1953, making it the first scientific paperback serial in Germany, by Fritz Ernst [de].


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