Vuelta Ciclista a Costa Rica

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The Vuelta Ciclista a Costa Rica (English: Tour of Costa Rica) is a bicycle racing stage race held annually since 1965 in Costa Rica.[1] The men's Vuelta carries a UCI rating of 2.2 and is part of the UCI America Tour, which is one of six UCI Continental Circuits sponsored by the Union Cycliste Internationale, the sport's international governing body. For the women's race see; Vuelta Internacional Femenina a Costa Rica.

Vuelta Ciclista a Costa Rica
Race details
RegionCosta Rica
English nameTour of Costa Rica
Local name(s)Vuelta a Costa Rica
Nickname(s)Giro Tico
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI America Tour
TypeStage race
OrganiserFederacion Costarricense de Ciclismo
First edition1965 (1965)
Editions55 (as of 2019)
First winner José Luis Sánchez (CRC)
Most wins Juan Carlos Rojas (CRC) (6 wins)
Most recent Daniel Bonilla (CRC)


On 31 January 2018 the UCI announced that they had suspended a number of riders who competed in the 2017 edition of the race, after they tested positive for the third generation blood booster - EPO-CERA. Overall winner Juan Carlos Rojas (Frijoles Los Tierniticos), third place Cesar Rojas Villegas, Leandro Varela, Vladimir Fernandez who won stage 4 of the race, Jose Villalobos, Jason Huertas, Jose Irias, Gabriel Marin, Melvin Mora, Kevin Murillo Solano and Jordy Sandoval.[2]

Past winnersEdit

Year Country Rider Team
1965   Costa Rica José Luis Sánchez Sanyo-Costa Rica
1966   Guatemala Saturnino Rustrián Guatemala national team
1967   Costa Rica José Manuel Soto Costa Rica national team
1968   Guatemala Saturnino Rustrián Guatemala national team
1969   Colombia Evaristo Fino Colombia national team
1970   Mexico Arturo García Cuarteta Windsor
1971   Costa Rica José Manuel Soto Jabón Spreed
1972   Guatemala Samuel Herrera Guatemala national team
1973   Colombia Wilfredo Insuasti Colombia national team
1974   Mexico Rodolfo Vitela Mexico national team
1975   Colombia Efrain Pulido Colombia national team
1976   Colombia Norberto Cáceres Colombia national team
1977   Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado Banco de Costa Rica
1978   Venezuela Fernando Fontes Martell
1979   Colombia Herman Loaiza MetalCo
1980   United States Dale Stetina United States national team
1981   Costa Rica Alexis Villalobos MetalCo
1982   Colombia Samuel Cabrera Colombia national team
1983   Colombia José Antonio Agudelo Gómez Colombia national team
1984   Colombia Oliviero Cárdenas Casa Víctor
1985   Colombia Néstor Barrera Colombia national team
1986   Costa Rica Juan de Dios Castillo Bicicletas Alvarado
1987   Costa Rica Carlos Bermúdez Alvarado Ases
1988   Colombia Efraím Rico Colombia national team
1989   Costa Rica Raúl Montero Electrónica Hidalgo
1990   Costa Rica Alfredo Zamora RCA–Electrodomésticos
1991   Colombia Edgar Sánchez Pizza Hut
1992   Colombia Luis Espinosa Manzana-Postobon
1993   Costa Rica Adrián Víquez Jaisa–Philips–El Globo
1994   Costa Rica José Andrés Brenes Pizza Hut-Squirt
1995   Colombia Raúl Gómez Colombia national team
1996   Costa Rica Luis Morera Pizza Hut
1997   Colombia Gregorio Ladino El Verdugo-Jaisa-Globo
1998   Colombia Hernán Darío Muñoz Globo Casa Víctor
1999   Mexico Miguel Arroyo Canel's Turbo
2000   Costa Rica Federico Ramírez Café de Costa Rica-Pizza Hut
2001   Colombia Gregorio Ladino Café de Costa Rica
2002   Colombia Julio César Rangel 2x1 Pizza-Tienda el Globo–Jaisa
2003   Costa Rica José Adrián Bonilla Pizza Hut-Bancrédito
2004   Colombia Israel Ochoa Ferretería el Mar–Video Visión
2005   Costa Rica Juan Carlos Rojas Pasoca–Dos Pinos
2006   Costa Rica Henry Raabe BCR-Pizza Hut
2007   Costa Rica Henry Raabe BCR Pizza Hut
2008   Costa Rica Gregory Brenes BCR-Pizza Hut
2009   Colombia Janier Acevedo GreatWall-Indeportes
2010   Costa Rica Juan Carlos Rojas JPS-Giant
2011   Costa Rica José Adrián Bonilla Citi Economy Blue
2012   Colombia Óscar Sánchez GW Shimano
2013   Costa Rica Juan Carlos Rojas JPS-Giant
2014   Costa Rica Juan Carlos Rojas Tierniticos-Halcón
2015   Costa Rica Juan Carlos Rojas Frijoles Los Tierniticos
2016   Costa Rica Cesar Rojas Frijoles Los Tierniticos
2017   Costa Rica Juan Carlos Rojas Frijoles Los Tierniticos
2018   Costa Rica Bryan Salas Sánchez Nestlé 7C CBZ Giant
2019   Costa Rica Daniel Bonilla Scotiabank – Nestlé – Métrica – Giant


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