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In the Hudson Valley of eastern United States, a vlaie, vly /vlaɪ/ or fly /flaɪ/ is a swamp or marsh. It also applies to creeks and areas in the vicinities.[1] The term appears in place names in areas of Dutch influence, formerly New Netherland.


The terms are from a dialectal form of the Middle Dutch word valeye ("valley", spelled vallei in Modern Dutch).[2][3] However, the meaning shifted to "swamp" when used by New Netherlanders. Variants such as vley and vlei are also found.[3] The English spelling of vleigh is probably under influence of rhymes like sleigh and weigh.[4]

The Afrikaans word vlei ("shallow lake") is a cognate, descended from the same Middle Dutch word.[2] The Vlie, a channel in Frisia, may not be related, as it is likely from the Latin Flevo.[5]

Place namesEdit

Examples of names of swamps, streams, lakes, and mountains which contain vlaie or other variant spellings:

New YorkEdit

  • Franklinton Vlaie: a swamp in Schoharie County which feeds the Catskill Creek.
  • The Vlaie: the area surrounding the Franklington Vlaie.
  • Vly Mountain, one of the Catskill High Peaks, in Greene County.
  • Gayhead Vly: a swamp in Greene County near Leeds.
  • Great Vly: a swamp in Greene County which feeds the Sawyer Kill.
  • Vly Creek: a stream in Delaware County.
  • Vly Creek: a stream in Albany County.
  • Vly Road: a road in Albany County.
  • Vleigh Place: a street in Kew Gardens Hills in Queens County.
  • Vly Swamp: a swamp in Ulster County.
  • Consalus Vly: a swamp in Saratoga County.
  • Ireland Vly: previously a swamp in Saratoga County, now a reservoir.
  • Miner Mill Vly: a beaver flow in Saratoga County.
  • Burnt Vly: a swamp in Fulton County near Stratford.
  • Racker Vly: a beaver flow in Fulton County.
  • Fifteen typonyms for swamps in Hamilton County[6].
  • Fly Creek, Fly Summit, and Fly Swamp (also known as Vly Creek, Vly Summit, and Vly Swamp), Washington County.
  • Fly Creek: A creek in Otsego County, New York.
  • Fly Market in New York City: may be the source of flea market.[7][8][9]
  • Fly Creek, Fly Pond, and Fly Brook in Broome County.
  • Fly Swamp, or Vly Swamp, or "The Vly": a swamp in Washington County.
  • The Fly: a swamp in Otsego County.
  • Rossman Fly: another name for Rossman Pond. Also Rossman Fly Road.
  • The Old Fly: a swamp in Washington County.
  • Shaw Fly: a swamp in Washington County.

New JerseyEdit

  • Bog and Vly Meadows: a swamp near Pompton Plains in Pequannock Township.
  • The town of Tenafly (literally "ten swamps")
  • Burnt Fly Bog: a swamp on the border of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey.
  • Polifly (meaning "top of the meadow/atop the swamp"), the name by which Hasbrouck Heights was known during the colonial period.[10] Polifly Road is a major thoroughfare connecting Hackensack and Hasbrouck Heights.

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