Virgin Soil Upturned (1939 film)

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Virgin Soil Upturned (Russian: Поднятая целина, romanizedPodnyataya tselina) is a 1939[2] Soviet drama film directed by Yuli Raizman.[3][4]

Virgin Soil Upturned
Podnjataja tselina-1939.jpg
Russian: Поднятая целина
Directed byYuli Raizman
Written by
Music byGeorgy Sviridov[1]
CinematographyLeonid Kosmatov
Release date
Running time
118 min.
CountrySoviet Union


In January 1930, the farm Gremyachy Log arrives collectivization former sailor, communist-twenty-five-thousander, a former worker of the Leningrad plant, Semyon Davydov. In the farm he meets and gets acquainted with Makar Nagulnov, the head of the local party cell, and the chairman of village council, Andrei Razmyotnov. The members of party convened a meeting of Gremyachins activists and the poor. The present farmers registered in the collective farm and recorded those who should be dekulakization. The prosperous farmers did not aspire to the collective farm. At the end of February, an entry into the collective farm stopped, an enemy force acted in the farm. Dissatisfied secretly gathered to discuss how to discourage collectivization.


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