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Vertical may refer to:

  • Vertical direction, the direction aligned with the direction of the force of gravity,up or down, as materialized with a plumb line
  • Vertical (angles), a pair of angles sharing the same vertex and bounded by the same pair of lines but are opposite to each other
  • Vertical (company), a publishing company based in New York City
  • Vertical (music), a musical interval where the two notes sound simultaneously
  • Vertical Inc, a Japanese novel and manga company founded in 2001 by Hiroki Sakai
  • Vertical market, integrated economic activity from production to sales based on related customer needs
  • Vertical (novel), a 2010 novel by Rex Pickett written as a sequel to Sideways
  • Vertical (1967 film), a 1967 Soviet movie starring Vladimir Vysotsky
  • "Vertical", a type of wine tasting in which different vintages of the same wine type from the same winery are tasted
  • Vertical Kilometer, a discipline of skyrunning
  • "vertical", a buzzword commonly used to describe content or media targeted to specific demographics or industries

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