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Name Vasiliki is a Greek name meaning "royal" that may refer to:

Vasiliki (Greek: Βασιλική) The name Vasiliki is one of the most aristocratic, elegant and feminine names available. The etymology of the name means that it is a royal woman that belongs to the King. Nicknames: Vasilikoula, Vaso, Vasia, Vasoula, Vicky. It celebrates January 1st with the New Year's Eve (New Year) St. Basil. The male version of this name is Vasilios.

Ιn a greek names survey, the most popular and unpopular nicknames for Vasiliki were voted as follows:

Popular nicknames Vasiliki, Vasia, Vicky

Unpopular nicknames Vasilikoula, Vaso, Vasoula

Σε άλλες γλώσσες

The name Vasiliki in foreign countries. Greece: Vasiliki (Βασιλική) England: the name changes and becomes (Vicky), France: Basilique (Μπαζίλικ), Italy: Basilica (Μπαζίλικα), Spain: Βasilica (Mπασίλικα), Germany: Basilika (Μπαζίλικα)


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