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Vargas Swamp Battle

Vargas Swamp Battle (Spanish: Batalla del Pantano de Vargas) was an armed conflict that occurred near Paipa, on July 25, 1819. A joint Venezuelan and New Granadan army commanded by Simón Bolívar was trying to prevent Spanish forces from arriving at Santafe de Bogotá, which was lightly defended, before they did. Bolívar's army successfully bested the royalist army in spite of the exhaustion of the troops after climbing the Páramo de Pisba, and crossing the swamp. This battle and the next victory over the Spanish by the Boyacá Bridge secured the independence of New Granada.[1]

Vargas Swamp Battle
Batalla del Pantano de Vargas
Part of Bolivar in New Granada
Monumento pantano de vargas, completo. 2006.JPG
Vargas Swamp Lancers memorial near Paipa, Boyacá.
DateJuly 25, 1819

Decisive revolutionary victory

Flag of Spain (1785–1873, 1875–1931).svg Spanish Monarchy

Flag of New Granada (1814-1816).svg Neogranadians

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Spain (1785–1873, 1875–1931).svg José María Barreiro Simón Bolívar
Flag of New Granada (1814-1816).svg Francisco de Paula Santander
+1,800 regular forces ~2,600 regular forces
Casualties and losses
140 to 500 dead 183+ dead

During the action the left flank of the Patriot army was outflanked and withdrew in disorder. The British Legions played a decisive role in recovering the situation when their commander James Rooke led the 2nd Rifles in a bayonet charge against the Spanish defenses on the hills, gaining the position at great cost.[2] A cavalry attack by a combined force of Colombian and Venezuelan Lancers then decided the outcome of the battle, turning defeat into victory.[3]

The battle is commemorated in the Vargas Swamp Lancers memorial.[4]


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Coordinates: 5°44′15″N 73°04′30″W / 5.73750°N 73.07500°W / 5.73750; -73.07500