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Nationality British
OccupationStudent, Programmer
Political partyLabour

Who I AmEdit

ProgrammingGeek (English: /prɡræmɪnjɡˈɡik/, stylised as programmingGeek) is an editor on the English Wikipedia. He is a native of Essex, England and citizen of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. He is a supporter of the European Union, even though it includes France. He is a student currently residing in the United States of America, operating on a serious sleep deficit. He suffers from depression, anxiety, oversharing, and his chemistry professor. He enjoys travelling. On Wikipedia, he usually works on Articles for Creation, running a bot, and runs the WikiProject report for The Signpost. Despite the implications of his username, he's not really that good at programming.


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 This user opposes the Wikimedia Foundation's arbitrary, opaque, and dictatorial office-banning of administrators when the community and ArbCom are more than capable of handling the issue themselves.
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 This user values third opinions and occasionally provides one.
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