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You can contact me privately by email. Please note that I will consider the contents of any email sent to me through Wikipedia as cc-by-sa, unless explicitly stated otherwise within the email.

About me

I first edited Wikipedia in an anonymous capacity in 2006, and created an account shortly afterwards, choosing the username Tivedshambo. For various reasons I later changed this to Optimist on the run, and later to Voice of Clam.

In 2008, I nominated myself for adminship, which was accepted by the community with only one oppose. I fully admit that there have been times when I have made mistakes, and although I stated in my RfA that I would not formally place myself open to recall, I have always accepted that any action I make, either as an editor or as an administrator, can be questioned, and that if necessary I would accept any sanction placed on me, either through the administrator's noticeboard or the arbitration committee.

However, I do not feel I can accept authority of the unelected Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), especially when they have a policy that office actions may be imposed without notice and with no guarantee of an appeal process. I accept that in an emergency situation action should be taken without consultation with the community, and that sometimes details should be withheld from the community for privacy reasons, but ultimate authority should be with the elected Arbitration Committee, not the WMF. Furthermore, there should always be an appeal process.

I found the Board's response to the Fram affair disappointing to put it mildly. There is no mention of an appeal procedure, nor any attempt made to reach out to those who have already resigned to see if they can be persuaded to pick up the tools again. As this is beginning to affect me outside Wikipedia, I have decided to hand back the mop and take an enforced Wikibreak for a period of three months. After that, I may return to editing, and will see what progress there has been before deciding whether to resume as an admin.

I'll try to avoid the temptation at looking at my talk page during my break. I'll leave my email open, so I can be contacted that way, but please understand that I am unlikely to reply.

O Still Small Voice of Clam 08:35, 3 July 2019 (UTC)