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For great work on articles as well as contributions in a wide swath of project namespace areas, you have earned this barnstar. Keep up the phenomenal work! I hereby award this user the Working Man's Barnstar for going through the trouble and taking the time of removing AfD tags from articles in Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/American Airlines destinations. Keep up the good work. I was just taking a look at how to add a "nested" parameter to Template:WPAFC when I noticed you had already done so. On behalf of Wikiproject Articles for creation, thanks for going the extra mile without being asked. Thank you for your bot categorizing Good Articles. On behalf of the Uncategorized Good articles task force, I award Madman bum and angel this medal for the hundreds upon hundreds (over 1,000) of articles categorized in order to help eliminate the backlog at Category:Uncategorized good articles. Although it was a bot action, you created said bot and, for that, many thanks considering it not only helped eliminate the backlog, it completely annihilated it! For your PHP wizardry in creating the "Check User Reverts" tool on the toolserver. Well done! For your substantial and high quality contributions to cleaning up copyright concerns at WP:SCV. I thank you immensely for your helpfulness and your patience with me, I know I can be hard to deal with at times, I thank you for your advise, and I wish to award you this Barnstar. :) For stepping up and volunteering to help another user. Wikipedia works best when we collaborate, whether it be articles or behavioral issues. Thanks for taking care of those proxies! You're my new favorite person.