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Hello. I am an anonymous Wikipedia user called Gamingforfun365. I am a self-described polymath in terms of my curiosity and what I wish to master.

I am currently working as an intern to earning one or multiple tertiary degrees. When I do complete education, one will be able to refer to me as a tool-maker, an "artist in the broadest sense", a programmer, and an entrepreneur. That is because I see art as the most pleasing form of media, I am interested in finding ways to boost productivity, and I like the idea of making jobs. With the tools that I am interested in developing, I would like to show off some of my work, specifically in the fields of gaming, music, filming, and books/comics. I am the type of person willing to master what it takes to do those.

When I am not working, I like to engage in hobbies that satisfy my curiosity or distract me from stress overload. I like to study science (especially how things work), political philosophy, and languages.

The above is an overview of me and my interests. If you are interested in what I think, then head over to the Subpages section on this page. Also, if you are interested in finding me elsewhere on the Internet, head to the bottom of the page, where I link my third-party accounts here and my Wikipedia account on those websites.


On Wikipedia and elsewhere, Gamingforfun365 is a respectful being who separates emotion from reasoning. They keep their cool and have the attitude of making points in a constructive and wholesome (if "insulting") way. English is their mother tongue, but their language is normally formal, somewhat verbose, and perhaps even eccentric. That may be due to their being unemotional, but it is undeniably subtle, clever, and creative in nature. They also have a sportive attitude whereby they prefer athleticism over laziness and tough diets like vegetables over diets such as desserts and the Western pattern diet. An attractively toned physique is desirable to anyone looking to improve themselves, and they say you are what you eat. For that, if you are only on hamburgers, hot dogs, and sugary soda, you are tough as—and really do look like—a weenie.

Editing habitsEdit

In general, you will see me editing articles on media works (especially video games and sometimes films), technology, and software, but you may also find me editing elsewhere. You will not find me involved in edits on articles related to obscenities, as well as ethically or politically controversial topics for the simple reason that I do not want to associate my account (or IP address) with any of that. You will not see me insert any of that either.


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