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Trygve is a given name for males and most common in Norway. Trygve is derived from the Old Norse tryggr, meaning "true, trustworthy",[1][2] cognate with Old English treowe, Old High German triuwe. Gothic has triggws "πιστός". The Icelandic, Faroese and Old Norse form of the name is Tryggvi, e.g. Tryggvi Óláfsson (d. 963).

Pronunciation TRIG-vee
Gender Male
Language(s) Norwegian
Word/name Old Norse
Meaning Trustworthy
Related names Tryggve, Tryggvi, Trude

There are 5,951 people with the forename Trygve in Norway in 2009, declining to 5,432 in November 2015.

The following people share the forename Trygve: