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TrekStor GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of portable storage products, audio devices and tablet computers incorporated in 2001 and located in Bensheim, Germany.

TrekStor MP3 Player i.Beat move S 4Gb

The company is primarily known for its MP3 players, hard disk drives, tablet computers and USB flash drives. TrekStor is a well-known brand of digital media players in Germany.

Major sub-brands are DataStation, MovieStation, vibez and i.Beat.

In August 2007 they were the subject of a brief controversy due to the unfortunate name of the latest of their i.Beat mp3 player series, the i.Beat blaxx, which is pronounced as "I beat blacks." After this was pointed out to them, they soon renamed the player the TrekStor Blaxx.

In July 2009 the company announced its insolvency.[1] However, an investor (TrekStor GmbH now part of Hong-Kong based Telefield International Holdings Limited) [2] was found and the company could continue its business. In 2010 an eBook reader was released. TrekStor also develops its own series of tablet computers.


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