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A five-piece drum kit in hard cases, with the traps case at the left. Note the trunk handles to help bear the weight, which are not needed on any of the other cases.

In music, a traps case or trap case is a piece of luggage used by drummers and other percussionists to transport miscellaneous instruments, stands, and accessories.[1] Traps cases are usually made of vulcanized fibre,[2] molded plastic, or plywood (as in flight cases).[3] Typically, a kit drummer's traps case will be the heaviest of the cases when loaded, and is long enough to contain a hi-hat stand without collapsing it, to avoid losing the drummer's adjustment of its height setting.

A set of cases for transporting a drum kit, for example, will typically consist of one case for the bass drum, one case for the snare drum, one or more for the tom-toms, a case or bag for the cymbals, and one traps case to transport the remainder of the kit, including:[1]

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