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  • Package tracking, or package logging, the process of localizing shipping containers, mail and parcel post at different points of time during sorting, warehousing, and package delivery to verify their provenance and to predict and aid delivery.
  • Track and trace, a process of determining the current and past locations and other status of property in transit
  • Asset tracking, which provides status of objects of an inventory or mobile stock
  • Tracking (commercial airline flight), the means of tracking civil airline flights in real time

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  • Tracking (education), separating children into classes according to academic ability
  • Tracking (scouting), a scouting activity focused on observation, stalking, and following a trail
  • Tracking, typographers' term for letter-spacing, uniformly increasing or decreasing the space between all letters in a block of text
  • Tracking, matching or comparing the performance of a financial portfolio to a stock market index
  • Tracking, a hipster slang word that means audio recording

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