Tomasz Padura

Tymko (Tomasz) Padura, also Padurra, (Ukrainian: Тимко Падура; 21 December 1801 – 20 September 1871) was a Ukrainian-Polish Romantic poet[1] of the so-called Ukrainian school, musician-torbanist, and composer-songwriter.

Tymko Padura
Family heraldry (Sas)

Padura's ballad of Ustym Karmaliuk "Beyond Siberia The Sun Rises" (За Сибіром Сонце Сходить) achieved extraordinary popularity in 19th century Ukraine. It became a folk-song. He may also have written the song "Hej Sokoły", which is very popular in both Ukraine and Poland.

He was born in Illintsi and died in Koziatyn (then in the Russian Empire, now in Ukraine). He participated in the November Uprising.[1]


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