Atsushi Maruyama

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Atsushi Maruyama (丸山 敦, Maruyama Atsushi, born on June 14, 1976, in Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese professional wrestler, currently signed to All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW). He previously worked for Osaka Pro Wrestling under the ring name Tigers Mask (タイガースマスク, Taigāsu Masuku).[6][7] The ring name and original wrestling attire were inspired by the Hanshin Tigers baseball team. On February 8, 2014, Tigers Mask announced his resignation from Osaka Pro, effective April 20, after which he will begin working in the Tokyo area under a new persona. On April 22, 2014, Maruyama made his first appearance unmasked, announcing that in the future he would be working under his real name.[3] Maruyama also adopted two new ring names, when he started to work for Pro Wrestling Heat Up as Akatora (アカトラ, Akatora) and Kaientai Dojo as Teppei (TEPPEI).[2][5] In January 2018, Maruyama signed with AJPW.[1]. In 2020 he adopted the name Izanagi.

Atsushi Maruyama
Atsushi Maruyama.JPG
Maruyama in December 2014.
Birth nameAtsushi Maruyama
Born (1976-06-14) June 14, 1976 (age 43)[1]
Takatsuki, Osaka[1]
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)Akatora[2]
Atsushi Maruyama[3]
Eagles Mask
Hong Kong Kokusai Fujin Keisatsu Man[4]
Tigers Mask
Billed height1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)[1]
Billed weight85 kg (187 lb; 13.4 st)[1]
Trained bySuper Delfin
Kaijin Habu Otoko
DebutMay 19, 2001[1]

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Maruyama as Tigers Mask in April 2011.


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