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Sporten klub Ticha (Bulgarian: Спортен клуб „Тича“) is a defunct Bulgarian sports club, from Varna, one of predecessors of Cherno More Varna.

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Full nameСпортен клуб „Тича“
Ticha Sports Club
Founded3 March 1913; 109 years ago (1913-03-03)
Dissolved18 February 1945; 77 years ago (1945-02-18)


Ticha was created on 3 March 1913 as Galata. In 24 May 1914 the club was merged with Sportist (founded in 1909).[1] The mid and late thirties were the club's strongest years, as it won the Bulgarian championship once, in the 1937–38 season, after being runners-up twice, in seasons 1935 and 1936. On 18 February 1945, the club was merged with Vladislav Varna, and a new club was formed on their basis – TV 45,[note 1] whose descendant today is Cherno More Varna.



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  1. ^ The full name of TV 45 is Ticha-Vladislav 45.