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Rebellion (novel)

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Rebellion (German: Die Rebellion) is a 1924 novel by the Austrian writer Joseph Roth. It tells the story of a war veteran who has become a street musician after losing one leg. The novel was published in the newspaper Vorwärts from 27 July to 29 August 1924. It has been adapted for television twice: in 1962 by Wolfgang Staudte, and in 1993 by Michael Haneke.

AuthorJoseph Roth
Original titleDie Rebellion
TranslatorMichael Hofmann
Verlag Die Schmiede
Publication date
27 July 1924
Published in English



Nicholas Lezard of The Guardian reviewed the book in 2000: "Roth's tale has that very European, straightforward, fairy-tale logic that makes everything both inevitable yet strangely nightmarish. You wouldn't be far wrong to think of Roth as occupying the fourth corner of a square whose other apices are Kafka, Musil and Stefan Zweig." Lezard continued: "At one or two points the novel leaps into strange, almost magical-realist territory; not a term I like much, but it suggests the sense of dreamlike dislocation you feel from time to time while reading. This portrait of one of the shards of a splintering society is deceptively simple, but will haunt you for a long time afterwards."[1]

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