The Outlook (New York City)

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The Outlook (1870–1935) was a weekly magazine, published in New York City.

The Outlook
First Cover of The Outlook, Newspaper.jpg
Cover of The Outlook, July 1, 1893
Year founded1870
Final issue1935 (1935)
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

Publication historyEdit

The Christian Union (1870–1893)Edit

The Outlook began publication January 1, 1870, as The Christian Union (1870–1893).

The Outlook (1893–1928)Edit

The magazine was titled The Outlook from 1893 to 1928,[1]:422 reflecting a shift of focus from religious subjects to social and political issues.[2]

In 1900, the ranking weekly magazines of news and opinion were The Independent (1870), The Nation (1865), The Outlook (1870), and, with a different emphasis, The Literary Digest (1890).[3]

The Outlook and Independent (1928–1932)Edit

In 1928 The Independent was merged with The Outlook to form The Outlook and Independent.[4]

The New Outlook (1932–1935)Edit

From 1932 to 1935 the magazine was published as The New Outlook. Its last issue was dated June 1935.[1]:422

Notable contributorsEdit


A collection of poetry from The Outlook, Scribner's Magazine, Harper's Magazine, and The Century Magazine was published in 1913.[10] The complete run from July 1, 1893 to June 1935 is online.[11]

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