Central Baseball League

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The Central Baseball League, formerly the Texas–Louisiana League, was a minor league whose member teams were independent of any Major League Baseball affiliations.[1]

Central Baseball League
No. of teams25
CountryUnited States

In 1991, potential owners, Dallas businessman Byron Pierce and U. S. Congressman John Bryant, became frustrated that the Texas League had no plans to expand into other Texas locations, and formed The Texas–Louisiana League. The league began play in 1994. After further expansion into Missouri and Mississippi, the Texas–Louisiana League changed its name to the Central Baseball League. In 12 seasons, the league produced 10 different champions; Alexandria and Edinburg were the only teams to win a title twice.

After the 2005 season, the eight-team Central Baseball League disbanded. Five teams joined the American Association: Pensacola, Shreveport, Fort Worth, Coastal Bend and El Paso; and one joined the United League, San Angelo. Edinburg also received a franchise in the United League, unrelated to the now-defunct Roadrunners of the Central League.


The following teams were, at one time, either a member of the Central Baseball League or the Texas–Louisiana League.

Texas–Louisiana League championsEdit

  • 1994 Corpus Christi
  • 1995 Lubbock
  • 1996 Abilene
  • 1997 Alexandria
  • 1998 Alexandria
  • 1999 Amarillo
  • 2000 Rio Grande Valley
  • 2001 Edinburg

Central Baseball League championsEdit

  • 2002 San Angelo
  • 2003 Jackson
  • 2004 Edinburg
  • 2005 Fort Worth


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