Checkered Ninja

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Checkered Ninja (Danish: Ternet Ninja) is a 2018 Danish computer-animated comedy-drama film, directed by Anders Matthesen, and Thorbjørn Christoffersen, and based on Matthesen's 2016 novel Ternet Ninja. It stars Anders Matthesen and Alfred Bjerre Larsen.

Checkered Ninja
Checkered Ninja (2018) Film Poster.jpg
DanishTernet Ninja
Directed byThorbjørn Christoffersen
Anders Matthesen
Screenplay byAnders Matthesen
Based onCheckered Ninja
by Anders Matthesen
Produced byAnders Mastrup
Trine Heidegaard
Cemille Matthesen
StarringAnders Matthesen
Alfred Bjerre Larsen
Emma Sehested Høeg
CinematographyNiels Grønlykke
Edited byKristian Håskjold
Music byChristian Vinten
A. Film
Pop Up Production
Sudoku ApS
Distributed byNordisk Film (Scandinavia)
LevelK (rest of the world)
Release date
  • 25 December 2018 (2018-12-25) (Denmark)
Running time
81 min.
Box office$2,040,520[1]

The film was released on December 25, 2018, to positive response and box office success.

The film was dubbed to English in 2019, with an Irish cast, and the dubbed version was released on Amazon Prime and iTunes. The international sales of the film has been handled by LevelK Film while the dubbing was done by Moetion Films.


In Thailand, Danish businessman Philip Eberfrø arrives to check out his new factory. As a boy accidentally uses his scarf to create a checkered ninja doll, Eberfrø brutally beats him to death. In the same moment a lightning strikes, causing the doll to be possessed by the spirit of Taiko Nakamura. As the ninja ends up on a Danish cargo ship, he is picked up by Stewart Stardust, who gives him as a birthday present to his nephew Aske (Alex in the English dub). After the ninja defends Aske's friend from a bully named Glenn, Aske find out the doll is alive, and the two strike a friendship, as the Checkered Ninja promises to help Aske, in exchange for revenge against Eberfrø (Eppermint in the English dub).

Aske and the ninja challenge Glenn to a fight, which Aske wins, causing Aske's love interest Jessica to invite him to her party. However, as the ninja believes they should move on with the mission, Aske joins him unwillingly, and they arrive at Eberfrø's house where the ninja attempts to kill him. Eberfrø escapes, and as Aske becomes angry with the ninja for being too brutal, the ninja makes Aske seem insane, causing him to be imprisoned in an asylum. While in the asylum they strike a deal to defeat Eberfrø. They insert a packet of cocaine into the ninja doll, and proceed to the airport. As Eberfrø arrives in Thailand, the ninja jumps onto him, the police find the cocaine, and Eberfrø is arrested.


Role Danish English[2]
Aske Stenstrøm Alfred Bjerre Larsen Alex Stenstrøm
Cameron Simpson
Taiko Nakamura / Checkered Ninja Anders Matthesen Luke Griffin
Jessica Eberfrö Emma Sehested Jessica Eppermynt
Ava Connolly
John Anders Matthesen Luke Griffin
Philip Eberfø Anders Matthesen Phillip Eppermint
Luke Griffin
Sirene Stenstrøm Sirena Stenstrøm
Doireann Ní Chorragáin
Stewart Stardust Anders Matthesen Michael Glenn Murphy
Sean Anders Matthesen Paul Tylak
Glenn Anders Matthesen Paul Tylak
Odysseus Anders Matthesen Emmet Ryan
Tina Anders Matthesen Luke Griffin
Gina Anders Matthesen Luke Griffin
Jasper Anders Matthesen Paul Tylak
Hugin Anders Matthesen Paul Tylak
Principal Anders Matthesen Paul Tylak
Security guard Anders Matthesen Paul Tylak
Munin Anders Matthesen Emmet Ryan
Scooter Scotty Anders Matthesen Brendan McDonald
Philip Eberfrö Anders Matthesen Phillip Eppermynt
Brendan McDonald
Siberius Anders Matthesen Brendan McDonald
Carsten Anders Matthesen Brendan McDonald
Dr. Warming Anders Matthesen Brendan McDonald
Perry Anders Matthesen Eoin Daly
Boys Anders Matthesen Eoin Daly


Jordan Mintzner of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a positive review, summarizing it as "Clever and a bit crude".[3] The film also sold over 1 million tickets in Denmark, making it the highest-grossing Danish film since Op på fars hat from 1986.[4]

The film won three Robert Awards,[5] for best children's film, best adapted screenplay, and best original song ("Skubber det sne"). It was also nominated for the Bodil Award for Best Danish Film.[6]


Checkered Ninja
Soundtrack album by
GenreHip hop
LabelSony Music
ProducerKewan Padré
Singles from Checkered Ninja
  1. "Pesto"
  2. "Pushing the Snow"

Music for the film was composed by Christian Vinten, while six original songs were written and performed by Anders Matthesen, and produced by Kewan Padré.[7] The singles "Pesto" and "Pushing the Snow" was also released independently. The English versions of the songs were sung by the Danish hip-hop singer Waqas Qadri according to the credits of the English dub version of the film.

1."Checkered Theme" 
2."Jessica's Song"1:00
4."Taiko Nakamura"3:36
5."World's Best"1:23
6."Pushing the Snow"2:54
7."Aske's Goodbye Song"1:25


A sequel, Checkered Ninja 2 (Ternet Ninja 2) was announced, based on Anders Matthesen's sequel to the original novel which was published in 2019. The film was released on August 19, 2021, and saw Anders Matthesen and Thorbjørn Christoffersen return as directors.[8] The film went into production in late 2019 with a budget of 8,000,000 DKK (1,319,108.80 US dollars) provided by the Danish Film Institute.[9]


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