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This template is meant to be used on user talk pages of users who would like other's to be aware that they do not mind being criticized.


When editing this template be aware that its intended use is for users to communicate a preference to other users. Changes made to the template should not change the meaning of any combination of parameters. For example, no change should be made that would result in a template with no set parameters expressing anything other than the user not being bothered by criticism. Parameters and parameter options may be added but all added parameters should be optional, with no affect if excluded when compared to before their addition. When parameter options are added old options should be kept and the result of their usage should remain the same.


Usage examples:

| gender = f
| otherusers = yes
| endtext = This is an example.


List of all parameters:

| usepagename = yes / no
| gender = m / f
| otherusers = yes / no
| endtext = More text to display at the end.


If yes is given the template will name the user.


If set to either m or f gender specific pronouns will be used instead of gender neutral ones.


If yes is given then additional text will be displayed encouraging users to not hold back criticism from users not using this template.


If set the text it is set to will be displayed at the end of the template message.