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Tacking into the Wind

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"Tacking Into the Wind" is the 172nd episode of the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It is one installment of a science fiction television show about a 24th-century space station called Deep Space Nine, in the Star Trek universe. This episode is part of series of episodes at the end of season seven, which aired in early 1999 that wrapped up the famous Dominion war saga that figured prominently in the show's later seasons.

"Tacking into the Wind"
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode
Episode no.Season 7
Episode 22
Directed byMike Vejar
Written byRonald D. Moore
Featured musicDavid Bell
Production code572
Original air dateMay 12, 1999 (1999-05-12)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"When It Rains…"
Next →
"Extreme Measures"
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This television episode was written by Ronald D. Moore and directed by Mike Vejar.[1]


Chancellor Gowron sent General Martok on a futile offensive against the Dominion due to being outnumbered. Gowron blames Martok but Sisko in turn blames Gowron for ordering such a suicidal mission in the first place. Worf tells Sisko that he suspects that Gowron's new military strategies are meant to humiliate Martok, with no thought of the consequences for the Klingon Empire. He urges Martok to challenge Gowron but he refuses to even talk about it.

Garak tells Kira that Odo has been hiding the true extent of his illness; Kira says she knew but wants to let Odo put on a brave front. They go with Damar to a Jem'Hadar shipyard with the intent of stealing the Breen energy dampening weapon. Kira has a tense relationship with Damar's friend and second in command, Rusot. Garak warns her that Rusot will soon attempt to kill her and that she should kill him first. En route, Damar receives word that his family has been captured and executed by the Dominion. Kira responds to his outrage at the slaughter of innocent civilians by gently reminding him that he killed Ziyal. Damar leaves in disgust and Kira regrets her words but Garak points out that Damar is still a romantic idealist about the past. This incident along with her words may be what Damar needs to renounce his views and focus on freeing Cardassia from the Dominion. On board a Jem'Hadar ship, Odo takes the form of the female changeling, complete with skin damage and despite a delay they steal a ship equipped with the Breen weapon. Rusot tries to kill Kira and convince Damar to take the weapon for Cardassia alone. Damar kills Rusot, giving up his vision of restoring the old Cardassia and instead aiding the Federation in the hope of creating a better one. As the weapon is installed, the rebels depart the station and head for Federation space.

Chief O'Brien suggests to Dr. Bashir that he announce that he has found a cure to the changeling illness as a way to lure someone from Section 31 to DS9. Worf discusses Gowron's actions with Ezri, who points out that when men as honorable as Martok and Worf knowingly allow corruption at the highest levels, there is no hope for the empire. Worf muses on this during a High Council meeting in which Gowron presents a suicidal plan of attack against the Dominion. Worf challenges Gowron to a duel, which is evenly matched. Gowron seems to have the upper hand, with Worf thrown through a glass display board and his bat'leth broken. Before Worf can be killed, he fatally stabs Gowron with a piece of the bat'leth. By Klingon law, this makes Worf the new Chancellor. Worf refuses the robe of office and hands it to Martok who refuses, but Worf reminds him of the words of Kahless who said, "Great men do not seek power. They have power thrust upon them". Martok becomes the new Chancellor.


This had a Nielsen rating of 4.4 points, almost 4.35 million viewers when it was aired on television in 1999.[2]

In 2018, CBR ranked this episode as part of the #1 episodic saga of Star Trek, ahead of "Best of Both Worlds" (Part I & II) from Star Trek: The Next Generation.[3]

In 2016, The Washington Post called the Dominion war story arc possibly the "richest narrative" of the Star Trek universe.[4]


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