Lake Tașaul

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Lake Tașaul (Romanian: Limanul Tașaul) is a lake in Northern Dobruja, Romania. Formerly an open salt water coastal lagoon, connected with the Black Sea, it was transformed into a freshwater lake in the 1920s. Its area is 23.35 km2 (9.02 sq mi) and its maximum depth is 4 m (13 ft).[1]

Lake Tașaul
Lake Tașaul is located in Constanţa County
Lake Tașaul
Lake Tașaul
LocationNorthern Dobruja
Coordinates44°21′00″N 28°36′48″E / 44.35000°N 28.61333°E / 44.35000; 28.61333Coordinates: 44°21′00″N 28°36′48″E / 44.35000°N 28.61333°E / 44.35000; 28.61333
Primary inflowsCasimcea, Tașaul, Dalufac
Basin countriesRomania
Surface area23.35 km2 (9.02 sq mi)
Max. depth4 m (13 ft)
Surface elevation1 m (3.3 ft)


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