TV9 (Mongolia)

TV9 Mongolia, or TV9, 2003 founded is a television broadcasting station in Mongolia.[1] It is owned by Enkhtuya Nambar.[2]

TV9 Mongolia (TV9)
TV9 LOGO mn.png
Broadcast areaCentral asia
HeadquartersUlaanbaatar, Mongolia
OwnerMedia Holding

It is the largest private TV station in Mongolia behind the state-owned Mongolian National Broadcaster. TV9 became the first channel in Mongolia to broadcast 24 hours a day. It has contracted correspondents in all 21 aimags.


TV-9 operates a radio station on FM 103.6. It broadcasts special musical programs, news programs, sport programs, shows and events, and training and scientific individual programs.

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TV9 is a member of The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), and also works with some international television stations such as Beijing TV, Hasag TV, Reuters, Russia 1, NTV, and Hulunbeir TV in Inner Mongolia.

TV9 has a relationship with USAID, with a goal to support countryside life and their small businesses.

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