TSF Twipra Student Federation

Twipra Student's Federation (TSF) was founded on 25 October 1968 as a platform for nationalist student's federation of Tripura, specially among the indigenous people of Tripura. It is totally independent indigenous student organisation . One of its primary objectives was to protect and fight for the rights for the indigenous people of the state. Since its inception, TSF has made significant contributions towards bringing justice to indigenous Students, Youth and people of Tripura. But perhaps, one of the most important aspects of the Federation has been ‘to speak truth to power’. Over the years the Federation has raised its voice against dam construction and alienation of indigenous peoples land and lifting up of APFSA(Armed Forces Special Powers Acts) from the state.

Twipra Student's Federation
Tsf Flag.jpg
Flag of the Twipra Students Federation
MottoArise! Build UP (Twipra)
Formation1968 A.D.
TypeNationalist student organisation
Founding President
(Lt) Shri. Sukumoy Debbarma
President : Shri. Biswajit Kalai General Secretary :Shri sunil DebBarma

In state like Tripura where the indigenous people have been reduced to politically insignificant minority and push to the margin. Majority has become the minority in its own land. The indigenous people of Tripura are a victim of identity crisis in their own state. The majority has become the minority in its own land. It is from that margin it has challenged and struggled against anti-indigenous people policies of the state. In 1996 the Federation rechristened as " Twipra Student's Federation" in order to encapsulate its nationalistic attributes and around the World.


A flag with a red five cornered star in the top Middle its a symbol of Leading Morning Star called Aitorma in Kokborok, on a white background meaning Peace and Prosperity, Two lions holding a flag each and a dhal meaning protection and Victory of the federation; the ratio of length and breadth of the flag being 3:3.

Foundation DayEdit

The Foundation day is celebrated on 25 October every year with Annual conferences, remembering the Motto: Araise! Build UP (Twipra).

Martyr DayEdit

Martyr day is observed on 13 June.