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Lovefilm (Hungarian: Szerelmesfilm) is a 1970 Hungarian drama film written and directed by István Szabó. The film was selected as the Hungarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 43rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.[1]

Szerelmesfilm also called as 'Lovefilm' or also as ' A film about love'.
Directed byIstván Szabó
Written byIstván Szabó
StarringAndrás Bálint,
Judit Halász,
Edit Kelemen,
András Szamosfalvi
Music byJános Gonda
CinematographyJózsef Lörincz
Edited byGyörgy Sívó
Release date
  • 8 October 1970 (1970-10-08)
Running time
123 minutes

Lovefilm is a film that is a cinematic imagery of the unspoken and untold aspects of love and hope between individuals. It depicts love between two childhood sweet hearts who continue to share strong bond and friendship through their adulthood though they quite do not define it as a love relationship for most part. They continue to refer to their relation as friends or childhood friendship or even introduce each other to their friends as 'like my brother' and 'like my sister'. It thus depicts love and undefined relationships that is experienced by most humans in their lives. Hence the musical and lucid title of 'Serelmesfilm' or 'Lovefilm'.

Non linear imageryEdit

Picturizing the undefined and unspoken nature of love between individuals that exists mostly in the minds of people, the film editing and flow is non linear and has constant transitions back and forth between images of childhood memories during World War II Nazi occupied Hungary and the Soviet communist party controlled 1950s schooling and the early 1960s university days. It also echoes the tense times of 1956 and the feeling of nostalgia in the early 1970s. This gives the motion picture subject of love as an experience as largely in one's mind and mostly non linguistic and unspoken and expressed in silence and through the passage of time and experiences.


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