Witnesses (2003 film)

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Witnesses (Croatian: Svjedoci) is a Croatian drama film directed by Vinko Brešan. It was released in 2003.

Witnesses FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byVinko Brešan
Written byVinko Brešan
Jurica Pavičić
Živko Zalar
Produced byIvan Maloča
StarringLeon Lučev
CinematographyŽivko Zalar
Edited bySandra Botica
Release date
20 July 2003
Running time
90 minutes


The plot of the movie is centered in the city of Karlovac in 1992, during the Croatian War of Independence. The front lines, where Croatian and Serbian forces fight each other, lie near the city. Meanwhile, in the city of Karlovac, a Serbian civilian Vasić is murdered. The story follows the local police officer Barbir (Dražen Kühn), who tries to solve the murder in spite of ethnic hatred and war revolving nearby.

The film's screenplay is based on Jurica Pavičić's 1997 novel Alabaster Sheep (Ovce od gipsa), which was in turn inspired by a real-life case of murder of the Zec family in Zagreb in 1991.[1]



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