Museum der Johann Strauss Dynastie

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The Museum of the Strauss Dynasty (Strauss Museum) in Vienna is a museum dedicated to the Strauss family: Johann I, Johann II, Josef, Eduard and Johann III.

Museum of the Johann Strauss Dynasty
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LocationVienna, Austria


The Museum of the Strauss Dynasty was founded by the private association Kulturverein Wiener Blut[1] and presents many items from the collection of the association, as well as items loaned by the Strauss family and others. Following a special preview evening on 15 March 2015, it was opened to the general public on 18 March.[2]

Across seven rooms, visitors can learn biographical detail of all members of the Strauss family, as well as the historical and sociological background of Vienna in the 19th century.[3] "Listening stations" in each room permit the visitor to hear pieces of music relevant to the information displayed.

The museum is located at Müllnergasse 3, A-1090 Vienna.


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