Steve Reich: Works 1965–1995

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Steve Reich: Works 1965–1995 is a 1997 10-CD box set of compositions by composer Steve Reich released by Nonesuch Records as part of Reich's 60th birthday celebration.[1] Described as, "monumental... essential... beautiful", it includes full track and personnel listing, career chronology, appreciative notes (such as essays by John Adams and Michael Tilson Thomas[1]), a new interview, and "his most famous works" with the "curious exclusions" of Violin Phase, Music for Pieces of Wood and Vermont Counterpoint.[2]

Track listingEdit

Disc 1

Come Out
Piano Phase
It's Gonna Rain
Four Organs (new recording)

Disc 2


Disc 3

Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ
Clapping Music
Six Marimbas

Disc 4

Music for 18 Musicians (new recording)

Disc 5

Eight Lines (new recording)
Tehillim (1994, conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw)

Disc 6

The Desert Music

Disc 7

New York Counterpoint (new recording)
Four Sections

Disc 8

Different Trains
Electric Counterpoint
Three Movements

Disc 9

Excerpts from The Cave

Disc 10

Nagoya Marimbas
City Life


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