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List of Hollyoaks characters (2005)

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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks in 2005, by order of first appearance.

Stephen "Macki" MackintoshEdit

Stephen Mackintosh
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byPaul Holowaty
First appearance2 May 2005
Last appearance18 August 2005
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Stephen "Macki" Mackintosh was a friend of Justin Burton. The two met when Justin was troubled and began buying marijuana off Macki. Soon Justin was forced to go to boot camp and sorted out his life. When Justin returned to town, Macki frequently distracted Justin and wanted him to come back to his old ways. However, Justin wanted to avoid Macki and hang around with his stepbrother Ali Taylor and friend Nicole Owen. An embittered Macki made Ali's life a misery by calling him "monkey boy" and other racist taunts, and he framed Justin for a fire started in the science lab at the school. However, after finding evidence against Macki, Justin managed to get him expelled.

Both Ali and Justin thought their troubles were over, until next term as Macki returned to school and wanted revenge. The bullying got worse and both Ali and Justin were beaten up by Macki and his friends. Ali eventually had enough of the bullying and went after him with a knife that his father, Richard, had confiscated from Justin (who got the knife to defend himself against Macki). When Ali found Macki, Macki challenged him to a one-on-one fight and led him to a quiet spot; whilst Ali's back was turned, Macki picked up a brick.

Justin, who had realised the knife was missing, found Ali just in time to see Macki with the brick. He called out to Ali, who then turned around and stabbed Macki. Ali dropped the knife and Justin told him he'd sort it all out and told Ali to go home. Ali then ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Justin hid the knife in the hospital toilets. Meanwhile, both Macki and Ali died of their injuries. A few days later, Justin went back for the knife but the police had already found it and were waiting for Justin to show up. Justin was then arrested for Macki's murder but was later found not guilty.

Nancy HaytonEdit

Charles HaytonEdit

Charles Hayton
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byKevin McGowan
First appearance12 July 2005
Last appearance22 March 2006
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Charles Hayton was the father of Becca and Nancy Hayton. Charles and his wife Margaret Hayton were wealthy and seen as snobbish by Jake Dean and the Dean family. When Charles first met Jake, he was in garden clothes, and Jake, assuming he was the gardener, proceeded to tell him all about how humourless and stuck up Charles was. His mother Frankie Osborne, her son Craig Dean, and her daughter Steph Dean dropped in for an unplanned visit, and a drunken Frankie told the Haytons all about Jake's affair and his giving an STI to Becca. The families also clashed over wedding preparations and cost. In spite of this turmoil, Charles and Margaret attended Becca's wedding and wished her well.

Charles suffered a heart attack in early 2006 and Becca went to visit him during his recuperation. During another visit a few months later, she was in the midst of an affair with Justin Burton and wasn't actually there when Charles suddenly died.

Margaret HaytonEdit

Margaret Hayton
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byDarryl Fishwick
Duration2005–2007, 2012
First appearance12 July 2005
Last appearance17 February 2012
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Margaret Hayton is the mother of Becca (Ali Bastian) and Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox). Margaret and her husband Charles Hayton were wealthy and had some reservations about Becca's relationship with Jake Dean (Kevin Sacre), but attended their wedding. Charles suffered a heart attack the following year, and died a few months later. Margaret returned in October 2006 when she learned Becca was engaged to a much younger Justin Burton (Chris Fountain). Margaret was extremely apprehensive about the relationship, along with Nancy's relationship with a tattoo artist, but went along with what Becca and Nancy wanted. Over the course of the next year, Becca gave birth to her and Justin's son Charlie Dean, who was thought to be Jake's child, and was sent to prison and stabbed to death. When Margaret returned the next summer, she was surprised to see Nancy, who was raising Charlie, had taken up with Jake. She wanted to take Charlie to raise for herself, but Jake and Nancy refused. Margaret told Nancy she would never be as good as Becca, no matter how much she tried.

In February 2012, Margaret turns up out of the blue, and she is not pleased about Nancy's relationship with Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson), and when Nancy thinks Darren is having an affair with Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring), Margaret convinces Nancy to go and live in Canada with her once they have laid flowers on Becca's grave on Valentine's Day, the anniversary of her death, which is also the day Darren has arranged a surprise wedding for Nancy. Nancy marries Darren and decides to stay in Hollyoaks and Margaret returns to Canada alone. In June 2013, it is revealed Margaret has been killed in a car accident so Nancy flies out to Canada to make funeral arrangements.[1]

Bill AshworthEdit

Bill Ashworth
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byJohn Jardine
First appearance2005
Last appearanceFebruary 2007

Bill Ashworth was the father of Noel and Neville Ashworth. He was a retired bus driver and army veteran but despite his leaning towards military precision in all things, he never lost his sense of fun. With an eye for the ladies, he was not ready to settle into old age. Bill was a gambler and ran a book on any subject. He lived at a nursing home and often visited his family during Christmas holidays. However, when his best friend at the home died, Bill felt lonely and wanted to move in with his family. It was left up to his grandson Josh Ashworth and his cousin Jamie "Fletch" Fletcher to help Bill out of the nursing home and moved him into the Ashworths' house. With much dispute between Suzanne Ashworth and his son Neville Ashworth, they decided to let Bill stay after the children received a pay off from Bill in convincing their parents to let him stay. Often Bill made a mess around the house, which left Suzanne frustrated but Bill decided to give something back to the family in exchange for letting him stay. When Neville was sacked from his job, Bill gave him his inheritance which helped Neville to buy Drive and Buy. Also, the children received their inheritance as well, which was tied up into the family business.

Bill was last seen at his daughter Hannah Ashworth's 18th birthday in 2007 and for unexplained reasons did not attend his grandson and Suzanne's son Rhys Ashworth's funeral in 2012.


Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byAlex McGettigan
First appearanceJuly 2005
Last appearanceSeptember 2005

Rory was an Irish Traveller whose caravan briefly set up a home in Chester near Tony Hutchinson's restaurant, Il Gnosh. Tony was furious at them for being what he saw as low class and driving down his business. He clashed with Rory and his brother Connor, as well as their dog Sheba. Rory also had a brief flirtation with Zara Morgan. He confided in her that he and Connor were staying because their mother was battling cancer in a local hospital. When Zara told this to Tony's wife Mandy, and Rory helped stop a robbery at Il Gnosh, Tony mended fences, somewhat, with Rory. Conor and Rory's mother's cancer went into remission and she asked to return to Ireland, which they did.


Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byDanann Breathnach
First appearanceJuly 2005
Last appearanceSeptember 2005

Connor was Rory's younger brother. He punched Tony when Tony threatened Rory. He also befriended Nicole Owen and kissed her on her birthday, much to her mother's displeasure. Nicole wanted to have her first time with Connor, but Connor realised she wasn't ready for sex. He was willing to try, but she ran out of the flat in shame. The next day, she wanted to start over, but he told her he was moving back to Ireland with his brother and mother. Just before he left, he kissed Nicole and told her he'd always love her.

Freddy WatsonEdit

Freddy Watson
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byGreg Kelly
First appearance2005
Last appearance2006
ClassificationFormer; regular

Freddy Watson studied English literature at HCC and was an animal rights campaigner. He arrived in 2005 and had a less than secret admirer in Zara Morgan, an avid protester against anything and everything. She didn't realise he was using her to get revenge against HCC for animal rights.

Freddy also conspired with Chris to depose Lee Hunter from his presidency, but this backfired when Zara told the student council about the plot, and Freddy's involvement with the HCC Media Lab Fire in December 2005.

Freddy was not seen again, but it would appear that along with Zara and Lee, he and Chris were kicked out of HCC.

Presley DeanEdit

Presley Dean
Hollyoaks character
First appearanceJuly 2005
Last appearanceJuly 2005

Presley Dean is the illegitimate son of Johnno Dean and Michelle Dean. Johnno briefly walked out of the family home to be with his wife Frankie Osborne and their children Jake, Craig, Steph and Debbie Dean, but returned after they were disgusted with his behaviour. Johnno and Michelle married shortly afterwards when Johnno's divorce from Frankie was finalised.

In 2006, Steph went to visit to take care of him as her father Johnno and stepmother Michelle went for their vacation.

Chris FenwickEdit

Christopher Fenwick
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byChris Grierson
OccupationNewspaper editor

Christopher "Chris" Fenwick is the former head of the entertainment committee and editor of the newspaper at Hollyoaks Community College, losing his position to Lee Hunter in an election. Chris pretended not to care about losing and asked if he could be Lee's vice president.

Little did Lee know that Chris was manipulating him into spending more money than what was in the college funds. Lee's friend David "Bombhead" Burke found out what Chris was doing but when he tried to tell Lee, Lee wouldn't believe him.

Chris then told Lee about the missing money and blamed Bombhead, which caused Lee and Bombhead to have a massive falling out. Chris then conspired with Freddy Watson, who set fire to the HCC's media lab for an animal rights demonstration and tried to pin the fire on Lee. But Lee's friend and Freddy's girlfriend Zara Morgan told people what had really happened and the truth finally came out. Lee punched Chris saying, "This is for Bombhead".

It appears that Chris was kicked out of college along with Freddy, Zara and Lee.

Ally HarrisonEdit

Ally Harrison
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byLouise Marwood
First appearanceAugust 2005
Last appearanceSeptember 2005

Ally Harrison was a girl Lisa Hunter met while they were both trying to get the same item exchanged. They bonded over boyfriend troubles. Ally invited Lisa and Ben Davies to lunch, where they met Alex. Lisa and Ben assumed he was another of Ally's boyfriends, due to their close bond and the fact that they lived together, but they were actually brother and sister. Ben began to suspect Ally was trying to seduce Lisa. The foursome partied during Hollyoaks: Crossing The Line, and Ben worried Alex and Ally would want more than just friendship, but nothing came of it. Ben and Lisa temporarily stayed at Ally's new flat when they had nowhere else to go. Ally's further adventures were chronicled in Hollyoaks: Let Loose.

Karen TaylorEdit

Karen Taylor
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed bySuzette Llewellyn
Appears on6 September 2005
ClassificationFormer; guest

Karen Taylor was married to Richard, a marriage which produced Ali, Darlene, and two younger children, Ethan and Georgina. Their marriage broke up due to his affair with Liz Burton. Ali was run over after fleeing from the scene of Macki's stabbing, and Karen attended his funeral. Justin, who had been arrested for the murder, unexpectedly showed up; during an argument with Karen, he told everyone what Ali had done. Karen refused to believe him and returned home.

Grace HutchinsonEdit

Grace Hutchinson
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byVarious
Duration2005–2006, 2013
First appearanceOctober 2005
Last appearance12 May 2006
11 October 2013 (dream sequence)
Hollyoaks Later (2013)

Grace Antonia Helen Hutchinson was born in October 2005, two months early, to Tony Hutchinson and Mandy Richardson. Grace was originally going to be called Antonia but Mandy was not keen. Antonia was then made her middle name. Mandy suffered post-natal depression for a while. But after she spent a while in intensive care, Mandy made friends with a woman who had a premature baby, who died and Mandy grew to love Grace in fear of losing her. Grace was christened, where Becca Dean became her godmother, while Mandy's half-brother Max Cunningham, his friend Sam "OB" O'Brien and Tony's half-brother Dominic Reilly became godfathers. On 12 May 2006, aged seven months old, Grace was found dead from suspected sudden infant death syndrome, on a night Hannah Ashworth and Becca's sister Nancy Hayton were babysitting, which left the girls traumatised, after thinking it was their fault. Soon after Grace's death, Mandy left Hollyoaks in the hope of moving on and subsequently left a heart-broken Tony behind, after he had told her that it was all her fault that Grace died that night.

Following her death, Grace has been mentioned several times. Tony and his girlfriend Jacqui McQueen miscarried a baby in 2007, thus reminding Tony of Grace. In 2013 whilst speaking to Sinead O'Connor he tells her about Grace and that not a day goes by that he doesn't think about her. Mandy met another man and gave birth to their daughter Ella Richardson. Tony would later have twin children with Diane O'Connor Grace appears as a vision of Tony's in Hollyoaks Later in 2013, along with Kurt Benson

Tony had affair with Sinead on her death anniversary, and she is mentioned in 2015 as well after the baby swap involving Tony's and his wife Diane O'Connor's baby Dee Dee Hutchinson and Tegan Lomax's daughter Rose Lomax came to light. Tony mentioned that losing Dee Dee would be like losing Grace all over again. In 2018, when Dee Dee is suffering an dangerous disease. Tony was devastated, and didn't want Dee Dee to die that way Grace is.

Wayne TunnicliffeEdit

Wayne Tunnicliffe
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byJoe Marsden
First appearance2005
Last appearanceOctober 2007

Wayne Tunnicliffe first appeared as one of Ste Hay's friends. Ste was interested in Amy Barnes, while Wayne dated Michaela McQueen. Wayne was only interested in her because she was "easy" and after a few months he dumped her via text message.

Wayne and Ste befriended Josh Ashworth and his cousin Fletch to get close to Josh's sister Hannah Ashworth (they gave up because Hannah was always out with friends). A nastier moment arrived when Ste and Wayne began bullying Nicole Owen after her brother Sam blew up the Dog in the Pond. They eventually pretended to care about her, taking her to the woods, getting her drunk, and planning to rape her. She threw herself on the ground, sobbing and telling them to get on with it, and they left her alone.

Ste was sent to a juvenile detention facility for his part in a joyride which sent Amy to hospital. Wayne was next seen in spring 2007, hanging out with Sonny Valentine. Wayne soon discovered that his ex, Michaela, fancied Sonny so he mentioned it to Sonny, not knowing that he and Michaela were secretly going out. Wayne made fun of Michaela to Sonny behind her back and Sonny went along with it to keep their relationship a secret, but when Wayne went too far insulting Michaela, Sonny stood up to him and told him that he and Michaela were dating. Wayne also taunted her about her gay brother, John Paul McQueen, only for John Paul to grab him and threaten him into leaving Michaela alone.

Wayne began selling his little brother's ADD medication at school. Nancy Hayton, who needed pills to cope with her hectic life, began buying them. When Wayne ran out of medication, she lost her temper. Wayne promised her he would get more and he tried to ask Nancy out. Wayne got cinema tickets but Nancy ripped them up, enraged that Wayne would not get the drugs in time for her next exams.

Wayne was last seen at a house party thrown by Amy and Michaela. Wayne stole food and CDs and when Amy caught him in baby Leah's room, a drunk Wayne grabbed Leah as a hostage. Wayne's former mate Ste grabbed the baby and punched Wayne before throwing all the partygoers out of the house.

Jessica HarrisEdit

Olivia JohnsonEdit

Neville AshworthEdit

Suzanne AshworthEdit

Josh AshworthEdit

Hannah AshworthEdit

Rhys AshworthEdit

Sarah BarnesEdit

Kathy BarnesEdit

Amy BarnesEdit

Clare DevineEdit

Other charactersEdit

Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Mike 19 April 2005 Bryan Lawrence A plumber who fixed the plumbing Steph Dean broke in her family flat. They did not have the money to pay him, so Steph arranged a date for Mike and her mother Frankie. Mike turned out to be a nice man, but Frankie got drunk to combat her nerves and threw up in his lap when he tried to kiss her.
Robin Whittle 18 May 2005 Phil Corbett Craig Dean's business teacher, who took a very hard line with him over his plans for the future. To Craig's horror, Robin went out with Frankie after they met in the supermarket. Craig asked her to drop him, but Frankie refused. Only when Robin criticised Craig's abilities and put down single-parent families did Frankie tell him to leave.
Nathan Haywood June 2005 Robert Norbury A friend of Justin Burton and Ali Taylor. When he first appeared, Justin and Ali were jealous of him, mainly due to his football skills and wealth. Despite their jealousy, Ali and Justin became friends with Nathan. Nathan disappeared from Hollyoaks in order to make Justin and Ali's bullying storyline their priority.
Inspector Blake July 2005 James Nickerson Dealt with Mel after she was arrested for drunkenly breaking into her old home and resisting arrest. A few weeks later, he arrested her mother Liz for her one-woman protest against the Travellers.
Vicar July – August 2005 John Elkington He tried to persuade Becca Hayton and Jake Dean to wait another year to get married, but Jake's impassioned plea convinced him of the relationship. Frankie and Jack Osborne decided on a double wedding with her son Jake and his fiancé. In order to get the vicar's permission, Frankie's son Craig lied that Frankie had a terminal illness. He and Jack found out the truth at the reception, and jokingly convinced her the wedding was invalid.
D.S. Simpson August 2005 Chuk Iwuji Investigated the fatal stabbing of Stephen "Macki" Mackintosh.
Edward Johnson 9 August 2005 Paul Kynman A man who was mentioned by Bombhead's late mother in a letter. While searching for Edward, Bombhead tracked him down at the circus, Edward insisted he'd only had a short fling with his mother which took place before Bombhead's conception.
Damien 29 August 2005 Richard Cadman Damien and his friends got into an argument with Sam and Andy in the SU Bar. They waited for Sam outside the bar, but Andy ran them off by setting off a police siren.
Police Officer 6 September 2005 Loveday Smith The police officer interviewed Steph after she accidentally stopped a thief.
Aphrodite September 2005 Jessica Frain Aphrodite was a snake charmer who appeared at Lee Hunter's house party during Hollyoaks: Crossing The Line. Lee fell head over heels for the curvaceous blonde, not realising his rival Chris Fenwick had set him up with a transvestite. Lee was horrified upon learning the truth. Aphrodite returned to his house a few days later to pick up her snake, Pete.
Alex Harrison September 2005 Alister Southey The brother of Ally Harrison. His further adventures were chronicled in Hollyoaks: Let Loose.


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