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Stemmiulida is an order of millipedes consisting of approximately 130 species, reaching up to 50 mm in length. It contains a single family, Stemmiulidae.

Stemmiulus beroni female and male.jpg
Stemmiulus beroni, a West African species
Scientific classification

Cook, 1895

Pocock, 1894
Unidentified stemmiulids from Puerto Rico


Stemmiulids are small to medium sized millipedes, reaching a maximum length of 50 mm (2 in). The body tapers gradually, and is laterally compressed, so is taller than wide. A dorsal groove is present and runs from head to tail. The eyes consist of two large ocelli on each side of the head, and some members are capable of jumping.[1][2] The living species lack Tömösváry organs, although a fossil species from the Miocene epoch possesses them.[3]


Stemmiluda contains 6-10 living genera and at least one fossil genus, all in the family Stemmiulidae. Species estimates range from about 120 to 150 species.[4][5] The taxonomy is controversial, with some authors lumping species into as few as three genera.[5] The most liberal classification is presented below.[6]


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