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Stagg Enterprises also known as Stagg Industries or just STAGG is a fictional multibillion-dollar multinational corporation in the DC Comics universe. It is owned and run by businessman Simon Stagg.

Stagg Enterprises
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBrave and the Bold #58 (March, 1965)
Created byBob Haney, Ramona Fradon
In-story information
Type of businessConglomerate
Base(s)Gotham City
Owner(s)Simon Stagg
Employee(s)Rex Mason
Sapphire Stagg


Fictional historyEdit

Stagg Enterprises was founded by CEO and billionaire Simon Stagg who has offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Gotham City. His company is responsible for pioneering new, innovative methods in the fields of engineering, chemistry and genetics. Stagg Industries had various subsidiaries; Stagg Mining Company, Stagg Cruise Lines, and Stagg Robotics.

Simon Stagg used his business to concoct various schemes to keep Sapphire and Rex Mason apart – some of which, even put Metamorpho's life at great risk. Simon Stagg was responsible for genetically engineering the sentient Neanderthal man known as Java. He kept Java under his employ as his personal bodyguard and chauffeur. Stagg later manipulated events, forcing Sapphire Stagg to leave Rex and marry Java.

Stagg Enterprises hired Rex Mason, a soldier for hire, was contracted by Simon Stagg to find the Orb of Ra. When he found it, his cohort, Java, stole it and left Rex in the light of an ancient meteor. This meteor transformed Mason into Metamorpho, the Element Man.[1]

A disgruntled employee, Kurt Vornak, once turned himself into an atomic entity and sought to avenge himself against Stagg by turning one of his brand new corporate offices into molten slag. The incident endangered the life of Simon's daughter, Sapphire Stagg, but she was rescued thanks to the efforts of Simon's assistant Java.[2]

Stagg Enterprises transforms an architect into a second Metamorpho to replace the original, who has left his employ, but the plan backfires.[3]

The company was assigned by the president to investigate flying saucers buzzing the United States, and discover the “aliens” are really an Earth criminal and his gang out to conquer America.[4]

Stagg Enterprises is one of the companies providing sponsorship to the superhero team The Conglomerate. The other sponsors included American Steel, Dante Foods, Dupree Chemical, Ferris Aircraft, Ovel Oil, Pax Entertainment, S.T.A.R. Labs.[5]

Metamorpho is Sahara Desert to help resolve a military conflict, over an underground reservoir. They meet and come into conflict with a witch using the Orb of Ra, known as "Halcyon" who serves as a protector of the Reservoir, and is fighting Stagg Enterprises. After uncovering poisons Stagg Enterprises unloaded in the water in claimed attempts to purify it, Metamorpho decides to shut down the conflict on both sides, then goes to purify the reservoir himself.[6]

Other versionsEdit

Stagg Enterprises appears in the Elseworlds story The Nail.[7] Simon Stagg and Java are found dead by Outsiders members Geo-Force, Katana, Black Canary.[8]

In other mediaEdit


  • Stagg Enterprises appears in the Justice League animated series. In the episode "Metamorphosis", the company's developments were becoming too dangerous as Simon Stagg wanted to create the ultimate soldier, a Metamorpho, for the U.S. Military. Simin had Java smuggle some chemicals for doing this into the country where some of it leaked and nearly caused a train wreck which was prevented by the Green Lantern. Like in the comics, his favorite employee Rex Mason was in love with Sapphire Stagg, of whom Simon was jealously protective. In order to "protect" his daughter, Simon tested the chemicals on Rex who was transformed into a shape-shifting mutant. Upon learning that Simon was responsible, Rex went after Simon in which the first attempt had Rex frozen to below zero temperatures. Simon's men dispose of Metamorpho who later broke free. During a fight with Metamorpho in the next encounter, an accident causes part of Simon's mind to end up in a synthoid that rampaged throughout Metropolis. When the synthoid was destroyed by Metamorpho, Simon woke up in the hospital screaming.
  • Stagg Industries is a publicly traded company (STGG) in Beware the Batman where the corporate headquarters is in Gotham City and named Stagg Center. In "Hunted", the companies CEO Simon Stagg is kidnapped by Professor Pyg and Mister Toad for revenge after a land deal he was involved in resulted in severe damage to the environment. In "Toxic", Batman later broke into Stagg Industries to learn the origin of Metamorpho. Batman learned Stagg manipulated a security guard in love with Sapphire Stagg into being a test subject for a game changer dubbed Project Metamorpho. Stagg Industries found a way to weaponize genetic tissue and create an elemental super soldier. Batman's attempt to synthesize a cure failed but turned over all of the security footage of events that led to Rex Mason's transformation to the Gotham City Police Department. The Fightback Movement was in the midst of protests outside the Stagg Center. In "Allies", Tobias Whale's gang were robbing one of Stagg Enterprise's warehouses. In "Monsters", Batman suspects Simon of hiring and providing thugs with armor and weapons to drive people out of Old Gotham and buy the territory for profit. He visits Simon in his cell at Blackgate Penitentiary, but Stagg denies being involved in the scheme. The culprit is later revealed to be Sapphire who seeks to impress her father. Batman threatens Sapphire to stop while withholding Rex's survival from her.
  • In Arrow, Stagg is mentioned. In the episode "Legacies", It is one of Laurel Lance's law firm's CNRI biggest benefactors. Stagg however has decided to end its funding of the firm and places the firm at risk of shutting down until Tommy Merlyn steps in and helps. Stagg is later featured in the episode "Burned".
  • Stagg Industries appear in The Flash, as well as their founder and CEO Simon Stagg.


Video gamesEdit


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