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107 Avenue is a major arterial road in west-central Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It serves Edmonton's west side industrial district, neighbourhoods of the former Town of Jasper Place (amalgamated with Edmonton in 1964), the multicultural area north of Downtown Edmonton, Commonwealth Stadium, and adjacent park & ride transit centre. The portion between 95 and 116 Streets has been dubbed "Avenue of Nations", as immigrants from around the world live in this area, including African Nations, Arabic Nations, Cambodia, China, First Nations, Italy, Japan, Latin American, Poland, Ukraine, and Vietnam.[2] Also, Chinatown lies just south of Avenue of Nations. 107 Avenue changes names at 101 Street to 107A Avenue. 107A Avenue changes names at 92 Street to Stadium Road. Stadium Road changes names at 112 Avenue to 86 Street (Fort Road).

107 Avenue
107 Ave Edmonton.jpg
Avenue of Nations, 107A Avenue, Stadium Road
107 Avenue is located in Edmonton
107 Avenue
107 Avenue
107 Avenue
Start/End points of 107 Avenue and 107A Avenue/Stadium Road.
Maintained byCity of Edmonton
Length12.2 km (7.6 mi)[1]
West endPoundmaker Industrial
(400 m (1,300 ft) west of 186 Street)
184 Street, 170 Street, Mayfield Road, 156 Street, 142 Street, Groat Road, 124 Street, 109 Street, 97 Street
East end112 Avenue / 86 Street


107 Avenue in the neighbourhood of Queen Mary Park (May 2008).

List of neighbourhoods 107 Avenue runs through, in order from west to east.[3]

Major intersectionsEdit

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the west end of 107 Avenue.[3] The entire route is in Edmonton.

0.00.0dead end
0.40.25186 StreetAt-grade
0.60.37184 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.40.87178 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
2.21.4170 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
2.71.7Mayfield RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
3.11.9163 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
3.92.4156 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
4.83.0149 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
5.53.4142 Street – Telus World of ScienceRoundabout
6.64.1Groat RoadDiamond interchange (traffic lights)
7.64.7124 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
8.45.2117 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights); one-way (southbound)
8.55.3116 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights); one-way (northbound)
9.45.8109 Street – NAIT, MacEwan UniversityAt-grade; roadway turns north
9.96.2105 Street – Rogers PlaceAt-grade (traffic lights); at-grade LRT crossing
10.46.5  101 Street – Royal Alexandra HospitalAt-grade (traffic lights)
East end of 107 Avenue • West end of 107A Avenue
10.76.697 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
11.16.995 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
11.47.192 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
East end of 107A Avenue • South end of Stadium Road
Passes Commonwealth Stadium
12.27.6  112 Avenue – Stadium stationAt-grade (traffic lights)
Continues north as 86 Street (to Fort Road)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Route transition

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