Stade Jean-Dauger

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Stade Jean-Dauger (Basque: Jean Dauger estadioa) is a multi-purpose stadium in Bayonne, France. It is currently used mostly for rugby union matches and is the home stadium of Aviron Bayonnais. After a renovation project completed in 2009, the stadium can hold 14,370 spectators. The stadium is named after the late Jean Dauger, former rugby union and league player who played for Aviron Bayonnais.

Stade Jean-Dauger
STA 0480.jpg
Former namesParc des Sports de Saint Léon
LocationBayonne, France
Coordinates43°29′8″N 1°28′45″W / 43.48556°N 1.47917°W / 43.48556; -1.47917Coordinates: 43°29′8″N 1°28′45″W / 43.48556°N 1.47917°W / 43.48556; -1.47917
OwnerCity of Bayonne
OperatorCity of Bayonne
Renovated2006 to 2009, 2021
Aviron Bayonnais

It hosted the match between Canada and Fiji during the 1991 Rugby World Cup. Canada won the match 13–3.

In July 2011 the stadium hosted all four matches of the Kopa Baiona.[1] It was a friendly football tournament involving Olympique de Marseille, FC Girondins de Bordeaux, Udinese Calcio and Real Betis. It was won by Udinese Calcio.[2]


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