Stade Africain Menzel Bourguiba

Stade Africain de Menzel Bourguiba (Arabic: الملعب الإفريقي بمنزل بورقيبة‎), often referred to as SAMB is a football club from Menzel Bourguiba in Tunisia. Founded in 1938, the team plays in green and white colors. Their ground is the Stade Municipal de Menzel Bourguiba, which has a capacity of 6,500.

SA Menzel Bourguiba
Full nameStade Africain de Menzel Bourguiba
GroundStade Municipal de Menzel Bourguiba
Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia
LeagueLigue 2

The team used to be called Union Sportive Ferryville (USF) as the city of Menzel Bourguiba used to be Ferryville.


1973-74, 1976–77
1941-42 (as US Ferryville)