Stade du 26 Mars

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Stade du 26 Mars is located in the southern neighborhoods of Bamako, Mali. It serves as a home ground for domestic football club Stade Malien and is the national stadium. It has a capacity of 50,000 as an all-seater stadium. Built in 2001, it is named for the date of Martyrs' Day (Mali), a national commemoration of the 26 March 1991 Bamako uprising which overthrew the dictatorship of Moussa Traoré.[5] The stadium, which is built by China Overseas Engineering Group,[6] served as a venue for 2002 African Cup of Nations.[7]

Stade du 26 Mars
Stade du 26-mars.png
Stade du 26 Mars is located in Mali
Stade du 26 Mars
Stade du 26 Mars
Location within Mali
Full nameStade du 26 mars
LocationRN6 (Route Nationale 6)
Bamako, Mali
Coordinates12°36′16″N 7°55′18″W / 12.60444°N 7.92167°W / 12.60444; -7.92167
OwnerMalian Government
Capacity50,000[1][2][3] (maximum 60,000[4] allowed)
Construction cost27 million Euros
Main contractorsChina Overseas Engineering Group
Stade Malien
Mali national football team


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Coordinates: 12°36′16″N 7°55′18″W / 12.60444°N 7.92167°W / 12.60444; -7.92167