St. Mary's Church, Moscopole

St. Mary's Church (Albanian: Kisha e Shën Marisë, also known as Dormition of the Holy Virgin Church[1]) is an Orthodox church in Moscopole (Albanian: Voskopojë), Korçë County, Albania. It is a Cultural Monument of Albania.[2] The church was probably built between 1694 and 1699, and decorated in 1712.[1]

St. Mary's Church
Native name
Albanian: Kisha e Shën Marisë
Voskopojë Marienkirche - Gebäude 1.jpg
Coordinates40°38′07″N 20°35′29″E / 40.63521°N 20.59143°E / 40.63521; 20.59143Coordinates: 40°38′07″N 20°35′29″E / 40.63521°N 20.59143°E / 40.63521; 20.59143
Interior decorations of St. Mary's Church


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