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Sri Lanka Air Force Regiment Special Force

Regiment Special Force and ‘’’ Special Airborne force’’’ are the elite Special Forces unit of the Sri Lanka Air Force, part of the SLAF Regiment. Regiment special forces was formerly Air Base Defence Rescue Squadron established on 7 July 2003. This squadron was formed due to the Bandaranaike Airport attack by the LTTE.[citation needed]

SLAF Regiment Special Force
Active2003 - Present
CountrySri Lanka
BranchSri Lanka Air Force
TypeSpecial Forces
RoleSpecial operations
Part ofDirectorate Of Operations, Sri Lanka Air Force
Garrison/HQSLAF Hingurakgoda
Anniversaries7 July
EngagementsSri Lankan Civil War
Wing Commander Harishchandra Herath

Fourth flight of the Regiment Special Force passed out on 17 February 2007. Special Airborne force was established in 1990. This special force mainly engage with VIP protection duties.


The passing-out parade of SLAF SF

The task and role of RSF's Squadrons involves

  • Recapturing air bases.
  • Provide defenses in an enemy attack as a rapid deployment force.
  • Rescue operations and recovering of downed air crew in enemy or friendly terrain.
  • Protection of senior air force officers.
  • Assist civil authorities in national emergency.


The unit's personnel are trained in air base rescue operations, field craft, bomb disposal, fire fighting, water survival and rescue operations. Advanced training is carried out at the Sri Lanka Army Special Force training school at Maduruoya.


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