Spiros Georgiades

Spiros Georgiades is a fictional character on the Australian drama series Tangle. He is portrayed by Don Hany.

Spiros Georgiades
First appearanceSeason two, episode one
Portrayed byDon Hany
Full nameSpiros Georgiades

Character biographyEdit

Spiros Georgiades is a politician who was assigned to be an adviser to help further the up-and-coming career of Tim Williams (Joel Tobeck). He is an ambitious man, with the potential to be treacherous and is 'alarmingly attractive'. Though Spiros doesn't see himself as a leader of any sorts, he is more of a play maker who tends to think with his heart more so than his head.[1]

A dangerous attraction between Spiros and Tim's wife Christine (Catherine McClements) began to develop,[2] with Spiros telling Christine that he can't stop thinking about her but at the same time, he didn't want to force her into anything.[3] Later however, they finally succumb to their mutual attraction and sleep together.[4]

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