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SWEB Energy

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SWEB Energy, formerly South Western Electricity Board (SWEB) was a British state-owned regional electricity company operating in South West England which was privatised by the Thatcher government. Although sold many times, the 'SWEB' brandname survived until 2006.

The area SWEB is now known to be operated by Western Power Distribution

Company timelineEdit

In 1990 SWEB Energy was formed from the privatisation of the South Western Electricity Board.[1]

In 1995 SWEB Energy was bought by the American utility Southern Company.

In 1999 the company was bought by the American-owned distribution company Western Power Distribution and was split into two. Western Power itself (officially as WPD South West) dealt with the local distribution, metering and substations, and the 'SWEB' brandname was continued as a retail energy utility.

In 2003 SWEB was sold to the French-owned EDF Energy, who discontinued the 'SWEB' brandname on 5 June 2006.

30 June 2010 - EDF Energy sells to PPL who re-brand to Western Power Distribution


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