Sons of Spartacus

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Sons of Spartacus is Angelic Upstarts' tenth studio album, released in 2002.[1][2] The album was recorded by Mensi with members of Red Alert, Red London and Leatherface.[3]

Sons of Spartacus
Sons of Spartacus.jpg
Studio album by
GenrePunk rock, Oi!
LabelCaptain Oi! Records
ProducerTony Van Frater
Angelic Upstarts chronology
Bombed Out
Sons of Spartacus
Bullingdon Bastards

Track listingEdit

All tracks composed by Thomas Mensforth and Tony Van Frater; except where indicated[2] Side A

  1. "Safe Heaven"
  2. "Lonely Man of Spandau II"
  3. "Supergrass"
  4. "Chuck Taylor (Ace of Hearts)"
  5. "Caught in the Crossfire"
  6. "Action Man" (Mensforth, Ray Cowie)
  7. "Don't Get Old (In Tony's Britain)"
  8. "South Shields Born 'N' Bred"

Side B

  1. "Tally Ho Ginger"
  2. "Maxwell Dynasty"
  3. "Stop The City"
  4. "The Great Divide"
  5. "Bandiera Rossa" (Traditional; arranged by Thomas Mensforth and Tony Van Frater)
  6. "Stand Up"
  7. "Anti-Nazi"