Veroli Basket

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Veroli Basket was an Italian professional basketball team based in Veroli, Lazio. It ceased operations in February 2015 after financial problems.

Veroli Basket
Veroli Basket logo
HistoryVeroli Basket
ArenaPalazzetto dello Sport "Città di Frosinone"
LocationVeroli, Lazio, Italy
Team colorsRed and Yellow    
PresidentLeonardo Zeppieri
Head coachFranco Marcelletti (in Italian)


After taking part in Centro Sportivo Italiano (a Christian sports association) competitions, the club was officially created as società Basket Veroli in 1968. The club was promoted to the national Serie C in 1974-75. In 2002-03 it moved up to the Serie B1, the third division, at the end of the 2006-07 season the side was promoted to the LegaDue.[1]

The club would win the 2009 LegaDue Cup,[2] and the next two editions as well.[3]

After suffering from financial problems and being unable to pay its players, Veroli withdrew from the Serie A2 Gold (the renamed second division) in February 2015, later ceasing activities.[4]

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