Snudy Lake

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Lake Snudy (Belarusian: Снуды́, Lithuanian: Snudai) is a freshwater lake in the Braslaw District of Vitebsk Region, northern Belarus, the second largest in the group of Braslaw Lakes and 9th largest in Belarus.

После заката на озере Снуды.jpg
Snudy is located in Belarus
LocationBraslaw District, Vitebsk Region, Belarus
Coordinates55°44′49″N 27°03′47″E / 55.747°N 27.063°E / 55.747; 27.063Coordinates: 55°44′49″N 27°03′47″E / 55.747°N 27.063°E / 55.747; 27.063
Lake typefreshwater
Surface area22.0 km2 (8.5 sq mi)[1]
Average depth4.9 m (16 ft)[1]
Max. depth16.5 m (54 ft)[1]


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