Skete of the Annunciation

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Mount Athos

The Skete of the Annunciation of the Theotokos is a skete of the Monastery of Xenophontos, on Mount Athos, Greece.

The skete was founded in 1766[1] by the hieromonk Sylvester, and the monks Efrem and Agapios.[2]

Today the skete consists of 26 residences occupied by 10 monks,[3] a library holding 360 hand written codexes and 500 prints,[4] and a church built in 1766 containing 100 icons and the relics of St. Charalampos and St. Modestos.[2][3]


Coordinates: 40°15′09″N 24°11′53″E / 40.2525°N 24.1981°E / 40.2525; 24.1981