Shurfine International is a distributor of private label and store brands for independent supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the United States. Until 2016, Shurfine was a unit of Western Family Foods, based in Portland, Oregon, and serviced by Associated Wholesalers, Inc. (AWI). In 2016, Western Family was acquired by Topco.

Shurfine MarketsEdit

Shurfine Markets was a collection of independent supermarkets in Pennsylvania, Western New York, Northern Maine, Northern New Hampshire, and Maryland. These markets are a retailers' cooperative. Nine Shurfine Markets were owned by Associated Wholesalers, Inc.

Some Shurfine stores now operate under the name ShurSave. They used the slogan "You sure save more at a ShurSave store."


  • Shurfine
  • Shurfresh
  • Price Saver
  • Shurtech Automotive
  • Shursaving (a discount brand, currently being phased out in favor of ValuTime)
  • Western Family (currently being phased out)
  • Tom and Suzanne

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