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Showoff (band)

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Showoff is a pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois led by vocalist (and auxiliary guitarist) Chris Envy.

Showoff 1999.jpg
Showoff, 1999
Background information
OriginChicago, Illinois
GenresPop punk
Punk rock
Ska punk
Alternative rock
Years active1996–2002
LabelsMaverick Records
Pacific Ridge Records
Dodgeball Records
MembersChris Envy
Dave Hyde (Envy)
Daniel Castady
Darren Vorel
George Castady
Past membersGraham Jordan
Kyle Lewis
Nick Piljay
Carl Kusch
Lance Tamras
Mickey Molinari
Nate Thruman (Envy)
Tony Tintari
Oliver Deighton
Joe Odlaker


Showoff was formed in 1997 in Villa Park, Illinois. The band consisted of Chris Envy (a.k.a. Chris Messer/Chris Dalle-Valle) (vocals/guitar), Daniel Castady (drums), Graham Jordan (guitar), and Dave Envy (a.k.a. Dave Hyde) (bass). In 1998, Showoff signed with Maverick Records while it was owned by Madonna. Their self-titled debut album was released the following year in 1999, and was produced by Goldfinger's John Feldmann. The single "Falling Star" reached No. 36 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts that same year.[1] A few line up changes occurred over the years. Magoo took over guitar duties from Chris, who then focused solely on vocals. Dave and Graham left the band to be replaced by Nick Piljay and Kyle Lewis.

Showoff disbanded c. 2002, following a change in ownership of the label from Madonna to Fredrick DeMann. This restructuring, along with increasing friction within the group, led to the dissolution of the band without any indication of reforming. They left an unreleased album with producer Mark Trombino.

In late 2005, Chris Envy re-formed Showoff with all new members. They included Nate Envy (aka Nate Thruman), (lead guitar), Carl Kusch (bass), and ex-August Premier Mickey Molinari (drums). Rhythm guitarist Lance Tamras was added shortly thereafter. They recorded and released Waiting for you, an EP that was produced by Marc McClusky. Showoff broke up again in late 2006.

The line up for 2014 is a return to the original in part.

Chris Envy- Vocals Dave Envy- Bass Dan Castady- Drums Nate Envy- Guitar George Castady- Guitar

Nate Envy was replaced on guitar by Darren Vorel in 2015.

2014 ReunionEdit

In late 2013 Chris, Dave, and Dan officially announced they were going to start playing shows again in 2014. Three of the four original members are in the new line up. With the core of Chris, Dave, and Dan, they are currently booking shows all over the country. When asked if they would continue as a band beyond reunion shows Dave said (via a live Facebook Q&A) "I am hopeful we can continue as a band as long as the people will have us". He also touched on subjects such as new Showoff recordings, full tours, new merchandise, etc., stating that "everything is on the table" and that he "wouldn't rule anything out at this point".

We now know that in 2014, Showoff has officially restarted with Chris Envy on vocals, Dave Envy on bass, Dan Castady on Drums, Nate Envy on guitar and George Castady on guitar.



Year Title Label Format Other information
1998 ...Around The Corner Fudge Is Made Self Released LP First release
1999 Red Tape Self Released EP Second release
1999 "Falling Star" Maverick Records Single Single
1999 Showoff Maverick Records LP Third release - major label debut album
2001 Wish You Were Her... Maverick Records LP Unreleased album
2006 Waiting For You Pacific Ridge Records EP Fourth release
2008 Waiting For You Pacific Ridge Records EP Re-issue with two bonus tracks
2017 Midwest Side Story Dodgeball Records LP Fifth Release