Short Trips: The Centenarian

Short Trips: The Centenarian is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Ian Farrington and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The collection follows the life of a man, Edward Grainger, from his birth through to his death and explores the history of the twentieth century.

Short Trips: The Centenarian
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AuthorIan Farrington
SeriesDoctor Who book:
Big Finish Short Trips
Release number
PublisherBig Finish Productions
Publication date
July 2006
Preceded byShort Trips: Farewells 
Followed byShort Trips: Time Signature 


Title Plot Featuring Author
Prologue At the birth of Edward Grainger, the Doctor must protect him from a demon that wants to change history by averting his creation, a demon known to the Doctor by another name - the Master. 8th Doctor, the Master Joseph Lidster
Echoes It's Christmas in 1911, and five-year-old Edward Grainger and his cousin Helen help the Doctor to track down an alien entity who is composed entirely of sound 3rd Doctor Gary Russell
Direct Action It's 1915, and time-travelling film producer Jack Holbine is assigned with the task of documenting the life of Edward Grainger's father, Laurence, now a fighter in the First World War, but his assignment proves unsuccessful. Desperate for information, he sends Laurence on a danger mission to Cape Helles, but when his actions leave Laurence in the gravest of dangers, he joins forces with a man who knows Edward in the past and the future... the Doctor. 4th Doctor Ian Mond
Dream Devils At boarding school, Edward is the victim of bullying. To add to his problems, a new teacher arrives claiming to be his old friend the Doctor, and his arrival coincides with the infiltration of shape-shifting carnivores into the school 3rd Doctor Glen McCoy
Falling from Xi'an When his army of treasure hunter's are killed by an airplane crash, Edward is once again saved by the Doctor, and finds himself battling his fallen friends - and an army of spirits, in the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi. But can even the Doctor save him from the might of the dead? 5th Doctor, Tegan and Turlough Steven Savile
Log 384 Now working as a spy, Edward recruits the Doctor to help him rescue his lover Mai Ling, who has been captured by Nazis and Japanese scientists. But as they infiltrate a top secret research centre, Edward's finds his toughest battle ever has arrived. 7th Doctor Richard Salter
The Church of Football In Wembly 1936, Peri is snatched by an associate of Edward Grainger, and the Doctor discovers his old friend is being hounded by a fellow Time Lord... The course of history is once again under threat, and once again, Edward is at the centre of it. 5th Doctor, Peri Benjamin Adams
Incongruous Details It's the height of the Blitz, and Edward Grainger has been sent back to his homeland, on a mission to track down an alien gun-man. Instead, he finds a familiar Time Lord... 6th Doctor, Emily Chaudhry and Will Hoffman Simon Guerrier
Ancient Whispers On a mission in West Berlin, Edward discovers his old friend, George Tremayne, is under the spell of the Logos. As a dying Doctor crosses Edward's path, Edward discovers that, for once, he must be the one to save the world, the powerless Doctor and his closest friends, single-handedly. 3rd Doctor Brian Willis
First Born It's 1950, and Edward is celebrating the birth of his newborn son. But as the Doctor re-enters his life, an alien entity kidnaps Edward's son and holds him hostage in the TARDIS, determined to create a newborn body for himself... It's a race against time for Edward to save his son, whilst the Doctor faces a challenge in saving his three companions, each struck down by the entity. 5th Doctor, Adric, Nyssa, Tegan Lizzie Hopley
Dear John It's Edward's 50th birthday, and the adventurer begins to feel his age, whilst his six-year-old son, John, possesses a teddy bear that can speak, think, and as the Doctor discovers... kill. 8th Doctor, Samson and Gemma John Davies
Checkpoint It's 1962, and Edward is sent on another mission to Berlin, where he witnesses the shooting of his old friend, the Doctor. As the Doctor endures a slow recovery, Edward discovers an alien ambassador called Stemfer is masterminding a plot to devastate America using soviet missiles in Cuba, instigating a deadly war that will ultimately result in the slaughter of humanity... 4th Doctor, Romana Stel Pavlou
Childhood Living It's 1979, and Edward is called to investigate a crashed spaceship whilst holidaying with his granddaughter. But as he joins forces with a submarine crew, the evil Slarvian emperor lurks in the darkness, and as Edward uncovers a Slarvian agent amogst his new team, he meets an old friend who has no knowledge of him... the Doctor. 1st Doctor, Susan Samantha Baker
The Lost When his god-daughter and her fiancé disappear in New York, Edward launches a surveillance operation at the New York Education Institution. He calls upon the Doctor for help. But this is an incarnation of the Doctor that Edward has not encountered before, and finds himself uneasy to trust his "new" friend, as the Doctor's latest companion, Jamie, infiltrates the institution and discovers three aliens are turning humans into slaves via a time portal. 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Victoria based on a story by L.J. Scott
Old Boys 6th Doctor, Peri, Mel, Evelyn James Parsons and Andrew Stirling-Brown
Testament 7th Doctor Stephen Hatcher
Forgotten 8th, The Master Joseph Lidster

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