Shooting at the 1920 Summer Olympics – Men's 300 metre military rifle, standing

The 300 metre military rifle, standing was a shooting sports event held as part of the Shooting at the 1920 Summer Olympics programme. It was the fourth appearance for military rifle events and the second time that medals were awarded for the prone position. The first time was the competition in 1900. The competition was held on 29 and 30 July 1920. 16 shooters from 7 nations competed.[1]

Men's 300 metre military rifle, standing
at the Games of the VII Olympiad
VenueBeverloo Camp
Dates29–30 July
Competitors16 from 7 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Carl Osburn  United States
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Lars Jørgen Madsen  Denmark
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Lawrence Nuesslein  United States

Results edit

The maximum score was 60.

Place Shooter Total Shoot-off
1   Carl Osburn (USA) 56
2   Lars Jørgen Madsen (DEN) 55
3   Lawrence Nuesslein (USA) 54 56
4   Erik Sætter-Lassen (DEN) 54 51
5   Joseph Janssens (BEL) 54 47
6   Ricardo Ticchi (ITA) 54 44
7   Anders Peter Nielsen (DEN) 53
  Anders Petersen (DEN) 53
  Lloyd Spooner (USA) 53
-   Anton Dahl (NOR) 52
  Magnus Wegelius (FIN) 51
  Niels Larsen (DEN) 51
  Willis A. Lee (USA) 48
  Arthur Rothrock (USA) 45
  Léon Johnson (FRA) unknown
  Achille Paroche (FRA) unknown

References edit

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